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Canvas Digital Photography Learning Shop Born in Colorful Colorado in the early 1980's, as a kid I had a fond interest in art. From the Renaissance Masters to Comic and Game Art, I always gravitated towards art and design. My high school years were spent near the capital of North Carolina. I was the typical kid with a sketch pad in the corner. From there, my family moved a few more times to New Hampshire and then on to Virginia. I figured I would move around less if I joined the military. I went into the Army and served as a Calvary Scout in, "Operation Iraqi Freedom". During that time, I did a lot of sketching and after my enlistment I knew I wanted to pursue a career in art or design. Shortly after my service was over, I went back to school for an Associates Degree in Digital Design. While there, I was consistently on the Dean's List and won many awards for artwork and design. After Graduation, I became an Over The Road Truck Driver. This broadened my artistic and visual library. Eventually, I decided to turn in my keys and become an artist. In 2014 I started Breaking Art. I study and work in any medium I can get my hands on. Being proficient in video editing, most of my art and many of my designs can be seen on YouTube. Offering Art and Design services, I look forward to the journey of Breaking Art Online.