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1: Into 00:00

2: Whys 01:30

3: Getting started 02:10

4: Ways to open 03:00

5: Still from video editor 03:40

6: Text Box 08:30

7: Text 11:40

8: Safe Space 20:00

9: Logos 24:09

10: Grouping Layers 29:00

11: Selections and backgrounds.    30:30

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Thumbnails are your video's book cover or movie poster.  Having an effective image is key to bringing viewers .  As far as visibility, they are just as important as the tags and meta data.  Need great, effective thumbnails? I will make thumbnails for you.  If you want to learn how to make thumbnails I have a tutorial Below are some package options for Thumbnails.  But if you need something more custom, let me know in the contact form.

Single Design

Thrifecta Design


One Thumbnail Functional Design  no source file.


1 Thumbnail

no source file



Only $10.00

2 Thumbnails Advanced  Source File



2 Thumbnails

no source file



Only $20.00

5 Thumbnails Elite Design  Source



5 Thumbnails

no source file



Only $40.00

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PS File Template



I will make a template PS file

so you can drag and drop your

own Thumbnails



Only $85.00